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Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement

Minimally Invasive Aortic Valve Replacement Surgery is to replace a poorly working aortic valve with an artificial valve. The surgery is called minimally invasive because it uses comparatively very small incision that the traditional open repair. This is less painful and allows faster recovery from surgery and lesser chances of infection ensuring your better health.

When can it benefit you?

The procedure can be needed if aortic valve is working poorly, this may happen due one of these two reasons:

  • Aortic Stenosis (Partially open valve)
  • Aortic Regurgitation (Leaky Valve)

In both of these cases, you may need to have your aortic valve replaced. Both the conditions can be caused due to general aging of the valve or:

  • Heart birth defects (like a bicuspid aortic valve)
  • Bacterial infection of the heart valve
  • Tearing of the aorta
  • Aortic aneurysm (weakened stretched aorta wall)
  • Certain genetic conditions (like Marfan syndrome)

What happens during a minimally invasive aortic valve replacement?

You will be administered with anesthesia that will cause you to sleep during the operation painlessly. It is a long operation can take several hours. Now, according to your condition, we will prepare a right approach to treat your condition which includes small incision through your breastbone, to the right of your breastbone or between the ribs on your side. Sometimes we use special instruments and camera to do the surgery.

At us, we will review all your options with associated risks and benefits and then proceed on a particular type of approach. We will connect you to a heart lung machine, and then will start performing the replacement process with a new valve. Once, done, the heart-lung machine will be removed, our team will wire your breastbone back together and then sew the incision back.

Know if Minimally Invasive Valve Replacement is For You

With certain benefits, the process can also be risky for you if you have certain conditions. Also, you can consult, Dr. Kshitij Dubey now, to discuss about your condition. Dr. Dubey is a specialist in performing cardiac surgeries using minimally invasive approach. He holds 15+ years’ experience and a spotless career.

Having performed 300 + operations till date with 99% success, find best and quality cardiac services in Indore from top cardiac surgeon- Dr. Kshitij Dubey. Book your appointment now at 9826396960, or visit clinic on Monday – Saturday – 6 to 8 PM,IST.

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