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Heart Attack Treatment in Indore

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Best Doctors For Heart Attack Treatment In Indore

Heart attacks can be discouraging and lead to increased pressure over a patient’s caregivers to find the best cardiologist. Specially in India, where quality and economics of medical services don’t go along.

Dr. Kshitij Dubey, M. Ch Cardio Vascular and Thoracic Surgery with 15+ years of ground-breaking career in carrying out critical heart surgeries and is here to help you. Over the period of 2 decades he has won the reputation of best cardiologist in Indore with a success ratio of 99% in performing some of the most complex heart surgeries including bypassminimal invasive heart surgery and more.

But why you should choose Dr. Kshitij Dubey as your cardiologist?

While looking forward to getting help from a good cardiac surgeon regarding the surgical solutions for particularly complex or less complex medical condition you can consider Dr. Kshitij Dubey. At us you will find the experts that use their years of knowledge in finding the right solution to your problems and suggesting you the best surgical or medicinally managed solution.

In his career, Dr. Dubey has encountered situations where patients are abandoned by their doctors due to worsened condition. But not him, he believes every patient has a chance to get a valuable treatment and worth the very last drop of his efforts in saving life.

 Protocol Based Investigation

We all know the underlying truth behind unnecessary tests, mostly it is due to greed and lack of knowledge needed for right diagnosis, with his 15+ years of knowledge and experience you are able to cut that chase and directly come to a point.

Follow American Heart Association

As per the American Heart Association, there is process to treat a patient, a set of algorithms ensure the precision in treatment and early recovery of patient suffering from any medical condition and we follow the same for treating you.

Trained by Best!

Dr. Kshitij Dubey is the best cardiac surgeons of Indore, that reputation is because of his impeccable surgical record, best-in-class it in treatment, advance equipment and new-gen technology, he is trained at some of the best cardiac center at Leipzig Germany the epicenter of minimally invasive cardiac surgery

#1 Paediatric Cardiac Surgeon in Indore

It needs patience and precision to treat the complexities of a infant and you will find it nowhere but here. He specializes in paediatric heart surgery and has about 95% success rate in treating children with heart conditions.

Let’s Begin By Knowing Your Heart Condition Better!

Let’s start by knowing each other, come down to the clinic for a complete diagnosis, and we assure you ‘no useless tests only the right treatment’ that will help us understand your condition better. How our diagnosis works:


A simple ECG is enough to detect any irregularities in heart, it is here where we diagnose any blockages, heart enlargement and probable cause or any other red flags.


As the condition of a patients becomes more alarming, we recommend you echocardiogram, to check for any problem in blood flow in heart chambers, valves, or obstructing basic functioning of heart.


An advance test to assess your heart health through a treadmill test, it helps in learning the amount of strain a heart can take before an abnormal rhythm or blood flow. It allows us to see how your heart is reacting or performing basic functions when stressed, it provides a next-level precision in diagnosis which ECG doesn’t render.

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