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Our Speciality

MICS (Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgeries) : CABG, MVR, AVR, DVR, ASD, VSD, Pericardectomy

Awake Cardiac Surgeries : CABG, MVR, AVR, DVR, ASD, VSD, Pericardectomy under Thoracic Epidural Anaesthesia (TEA)

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery : Routine On Pump and Off Pump Surgeries for simple CAD as well as surgeries for complex CAD with associated complications like MR, VSD and ventricular aneurysms, Ventriculoplasty procedures.

Valvular Heart Surgeries : Valve replacements, Open and closed Mitral Commissurotomies, Chordal preservation techniques and neo- chordee implantation techniques in mitral valve surgeries and valvular repairs, LA Reduction and Maze’s Procedure.

Congenital Cardiac Surgeries : ASD, VSD, PDA, Fallot’s Tetralogy, Pulmonary Atresias, Total and Partial Anamolous Pulmonary Venous Connections, Cor Triatriatum.

Thoracic Surgery : Pneumonectomy, lobectomy, decortication, thoracoplasty, thoracic outlet syndrome, mediastinal tumours.

Vascular Surgery : Various Vascular bypass procedures like Axillo- Femoral, Femoro- Femoral, Aorto- Femoral, Femoro- Popliteal Embolectomy, Vascular exploration and repair, .

Endoscopic Procedures : Bronchoscopy and esophagoscopy (both rigid and flexible)- diagnostic & therapeutic viz. biopsies, foreign body removal, stenting, gum elastic bouginage for simple esophageal strictures, Salivary Gillards dilatation for complex strictures.

Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery (VATS) : for diagnostic and therapeutic purpose.

Our Profile

  • Undertaken research project during PG residency entitled “Effect of Low Power Laser in Wound Healing and Burns“.
  • Papers written during M.Ch. Residency as first author
    • Cost Effective Method to Manage Adult Calcified PDA.
    • Chest Wall Tumor – Kanpur Experience.
  • Papers written during M.Ch. Residency as Co-author
    • Role of Minimal Debridement Continuous Irrigation in Post Operative Mediastinitis
    • To evaluate efficacy of preoperative & post operative antimicrobial chemotherapeutic regimen in out come of patients with gram negative native valve endocarditis.
    • Mitral Valve Repair in a predominantly rheumatic population — our experience.

    Why it is essential to preserve mitral valve apparatus – a physiological concept of mitral valve anatomy. Dialysis Access in difficult patients – our experience with endogenous vascular access.

  • We are currently in the middle of a prospective study of Cardiac surgeries under TEA, which is designed to compare merits and demerits of this technique.